Elevating Wellness with Joyology Center Line, MI

Located in the heart of Center Line, MI, the Joyology Center is a forerunner in the industry of medical and recreational marijuana. At Joyology, we carry a vast selection of the highest quality cannabis products, offering both in-store collection and marijuana delivery services to eligible locations within Michigan.

Experience and Knowledgeable Team

At Joyology, there is a firm belief in the power of Marijuana as an instrument for both physical wellness and recreational pleasure. Our team of cannabis connoisseurs is committed to educating customers, making sure every individual knows exactly what they’re purchasing, how to use it and what to expect.

The Extensive Reach

From our marijuana provisioning center in Center Line, we extend our high-quality cannabis products and services to the communities of Sterling Heights, Hazel Park, Eastpointe, Madison Heights, Warren, and Pleasant Ridge, MI. Here at the Joyology Center, we are much more than a retail store. We are a center for learning, health, and personal growth, committed to promoting a safe, friendly and informed marijuana culture.