The 420 Guide to Recreational Marijuana in Glenrio, New Mexico

The town of Glenrio, NM is a quintessential slice of America, noted for its natural beauty, unique history, and of course, their famous Glenrio Smoke Shop. Here the locals are not your usual cats, they’re known as ‘cool cats’ chiefly because there’s always recreational cannabis in the air!

From Cowboys to Cannabis Connoisseurs

Back in the days, Glenrio was known for cowboys, not Cannabis Dispensaries. Nowadays, the Glenrio Smoke Stop is serving up recreational weed with a side of nostalgia. Step in, and you’d swear John Wayne himself was asking ‘got any cookies?’. Except here, ‘cookies’ are not grandma’s recipe, but a popular cannabis strain, thanks to its relaxing, euphoric high.

A Kaleidoscope of Cannabis Products

Looking for a waltz down Cannabis lane? The Glenrio Smoke shop offers a variety of marijuana dispensary products. You’ve got your indicas, your sativas, your hybrids and a generous serving of CBD products. Whether you’re a ‘green’ newbie or seasoned toker, there’s a perfect pot for you.

Quirky, full of character and top-drawer cannabis products, the Glenrio Smoke Shop is changing the way we look at recreational marijuana in NM. Talk about a high town!